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Consultant to non-profit organizations…San Francisco Giants fan…amateur genealogist…occasional blogger of professional and personal topics…and developing wine lover.

My boy Riley and me

My boy Riley and me

One of my favorite activities is visiting a winery and experiencing the sights, sounds, tastes, and stories that accompany that simple visit. Whether it’s Napa, Lodi, Livermore, or any of the many other fun wine destinations in Northern California, it’s always fun to discover a new favorite wine, meet  winemakers and winery owners who have such passion for their work, and take in the surroundings at wineries that vary so wildly from rustic charm to sophisticated elegance. We have it all here in Northern California…and my trusty iPhone and I will be posting photos and stories from some of these spots.

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  1. Hello there 🙂 I wanted to thank you for re-blogging my post 🙂 muchly appreciated !! Ill be re-visiting yours 🙂

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